Spartans KM International is an online training service from Spartans Academy of Krav Maga (UK)  available globally to any individual interested in learning or improving their self defence skills, regardless of their tenure or background in self defence, martial arts or physical exercise.

Founded in 2008, our renowned academy is based in the North of England with our headquarter near the historic city of York. With multiple school locations across the North of England, we are also the originator and organiser of the Krav Maga United Kingdom network of schools across several UK and European cities.

Our academy is affiliated and accredited with the global US-based Israeli Martial Arts Federation (FIMA), the UK-based British Combat Association (BCA) and the Israeli-based Protect Israeli Security Solutions. We also have had previous memberships and instructor accreditations with Krav Maga Global (KMG) and the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF).

Directed and founded by Gheorghe Husar , a globally recognised Krav Maga Master and Black Belt 6th dan, Spartans Academy also has several Expert level Black Belt instructors and works domestically and internationally on commission to coach civilians, self defence clubs, security professionals and private or public sector organisations.

Spartans Academy is an award-winning school. We currently hold the title as FIMA’s global Israeli Martial Arts School of the Year 2020. Our school is also the current holder of the Federation/School of the Year 2020 award from the 15th London International Hall of Fame, Europe’s longest running martial arts awards given to the global martial arts community.

Our online instructors are also internationally recognised. Gheorghe Husar and Orjan Pettersen (Krav Maga Expert E3, Black Belt 3nd dan) are both Esteemed Modern Warrior award holders from the global Academy Awards of Martial Arts in the US and inductees in the US and UK martial arts Hall of Fame. Orjan Pettersen, also known as The Krav Maga Educator  is also the current Martial Arts Instructor of the Year 2020 from the London International Hall of Fame awards.

Our award winning is matched by our international credentials with our instructors receiving their instructor accreditations from global organisations such as FIMA, KMG or IKMF and from leading elite Israeli counter-terrorism special forces instructors, including teaching and testing on-location in Israel.

To trust yourself, you need to trust the source of your self defence skills. With Spartans KM International, our credentials are your guarantee.